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“Corporate fleet” carries the company’s logo, is the company’s symbol on the road.

When the company fleet driver drives the vehicle in an improper way, people will have a bad impression on the company. If the driver gets involved in a traffic accident, not only will the company’s image be damaged, but also the customers’ confidence in the company service will be directly affected and weakened. All in all, it is the lack of driver training provided by the company that leads to the consequence.

Some drivers think that they already have sufficient driving knowledge and techniques when they are awarded the “driving licence”, and thus they will have no intention to make improvement.

Even if the driver’s technique and knowledge remain unchanged, the traffic signs and regulations, road conditions and vehicle maneuvers will vary with time. Therefore, the management of corporate fleet should seek for continuous improvement, sending drivers to receive periodic training and upgrade their driving techniques and knowledge. When drivers realize their own shortcomings and received training, it will be beneficial to road safety because the drivers have already acquired a sense of safety driving and proper driving attitude.

Based on experience abroad and our observation in Hong Kong, most drivers, after certain years of experience, would always show some or all of the following drawbacks:

A bad driving record of the fleet can deduct the company profits directly, because:
1. Traffic accidents cause the company’s precious capital damaged or permanently lost (such as personnel, vehicles, cargoes, etc.).
2. When the company’s cargoes get damaged or lost due to traffic accident, the claims against the insurance company will increase, and eventually the company will face great pressure from higher premium in future.
3. Consumers will lose their confidence in the company’s management.
4. It may lead to involvement in lawsuit, which in turn will weaken the company’s competitiveness, waste resources and adversely affect the operation.
5. The company may be involved in a huge amount of money as compensation or fine by the court and so on.