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Light Goods Vehicle

Alert Driving Course
Hong Kong School of Motoring is dedicated to the improvement of driving in HKSAR and has developed proprietary ALERT DRIVING® courses to help students pass their driving tests, as well as become safe and competent drivers.
The Main Features
1. Pre-in Car Training
It is designed for learners without driving experience. It covers the basic controls of a vehicle, common traffic rules and safety procedures.
2. Basic Manoeuvre Training
Student will learn vehicle functions and practise basic manoeuvres such as steering control, parking, reversing, hill starts etc. in our specially designed driving range, away from public roads.
3. On Road Training
Under the guidance of our qualified instructors, student will learn how to handle a vehicle in various traffic conditions, develop road sense and discipline, and to anticipate what will or may happen next.
4. Lectures
With the aids of slides, videos and other visual aids, student will learn the Road Users’ Code, how to cope with different road conditions and hazards, and defensive driving techniques.
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