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About Us

35 years of experience--Unparalleled professional training

Established in 1983, the Hong Kong School of Motoring was the first driving school being recognised by the government, its large scale outperforms other schools in the city. The School has 3 road safety centres with prime location and full range of facilities, which are located in Ap Lei Chau on Hong Kong Island, Siu Lek Yuen in Shatin, and Nam Seng Wai in Yuen Long. For the convience of residents in different districts, the School has a number of application centres in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. Whether you are interested in learning to drive certain types of vehicles, or you would want to improve your driving skills, one of our application centres is just a few steps away.

Professional training fields--Spacious area for practice

Noticing professional instruction and guidance are the recipe to efficient learning, the School specially employ experts to plan the structure of our road safety centres, in order to fully utilise all facilities, simulate different traffic conditions, and strengthen teaching efficacy. Given Hong Kong's crowded conditions, a spacious road safety centre would be precious practice field for students to practice skills such as parking, doing u-turn on narrow roads, and driving on slopes, etc. in a safe environment. Together with on-road practice and theoretical classes, students would definitely make significant progress throughout courses.

Distinctive advantage to obtain driving licence

Geographical benefit: same route for class and driving test;
High passing rate: first school in Hong Kong to present progressive sectional tests to make passing driving tests easier for students;
Extraordinarily efficient scheduling of driving test: handling Transport Department documents in one go, which simplifies the application procedures;
Advanced facilities: Solo Training boosts students' confidence;
Detailed course: dual emphasis on theory and practice to provide thorough coaching;
According to the market research conducted by AC Nielsen, more than 70% of the interviewees consider the Hong Kong School of Motoring as the most reliable choice, the School is second to none when it comes to choosing your driving school!