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Commercial Vehicle

Articulated Vehicle Driving Course
Minimum Requirement Students need to hold a MGV driving licence to be eligible for ATV driving training. After obtaining the ATV driving licence, you can drive a goods vehicles (Articulated Vehicle) with gross weight up to 44 tons.
Course Content
  • 5 lectures
  • 7 basic manoeuvre training sessions
  • 13 on-road training
  • 1 mock test
Time for Lesson 45 minutes per session The assigned Driving Instructor will be responsible for contact and lesson scheduling.
Charges other than course fee
  • Transport Department Test Form
  • Learner's Driving Licence
  • Test Vehicle Rental Fee
  • Yuen Long Road Safety Center
Enquiry and Enrolment 2866 6682
  • Duration of course depends on frequency of lesson taken and on booking availability.
    Transport Department Test Form HK$510, Learner's Driving Licence HK$548. The above charges are subject to change by the Transport Department.