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Advanced Courses

Defensive Driving Course Series

How do you benefit from the Defensive Driving Course?

As a safe driver, you must be aware of the importance of safety. If you have a sense of defensive driving, the occurrence of accident can be substantially reduced or even avoided. The course may be the valuable investment in your life!

Defensive driving course series is designed and introduced by HKSM, which is dedicated to the licensed drivers for further advanced training. The students' driving skills will be greatly enhanced through our professional training. The courses focus on how to strengthen the driver's responsiveness and adaptability when accident occurs. They enable the students to be fully aware of various traffic situations and master the skills of emergency reaction. After the training, students will be able to drive safely to reduce or avoid occurrence of traffic accident even in an adverse environment.

Skid car training, the exclusive training only available in HKSM

A series of Defensive Driving Course is available which include using advanced skid car at the course. It simulates 10 different type of skid modes according to trainee's level. The simulated skid is available exclusively in HKSM only, and its effects are lifelike to reality. The students could gain the experience of real skid, become skillful in coping with driving crises, and strengthen alertness and capability of reacting to emergency.

Professional guidance provided by experienced instructors

We have carefully chosen instructors for the course who are stric tly trained in terms of teaching approaches and dedication to profession and safety. With the guidance of our instructor, every student gets sufficient practice time and discussion with our instructor, thus enhancing your knowledge on safe driving.

Flexible course structure best fit for your needs

The Defensive driving course series consists of three comprehensive but independent courses. Students can select all or any one of the courses based on their needs and interest. Each course lasts for 3 hours including both theoretical discussion and practice. The courses aim to enhance the students' awareness and skills of handling emergency when driving. The 3 courses are as below:

Course I: Defensive Driving Strategies

Focus Getting to know defensive driving, deepening understanding of collaboration among vehicle, driver and road, and strengthening proper attitude to driving.
Content Practice: use of defensive driving strategies, relationship between vehicle layout and driving, etc.
Theory: definition and knowledge of defensive driving, discussion on causes of traffic accidents and procedure of handling after an accident.

Course II: Skid Program (I)

Focus Getting to know the causes, danger and appropriate handling of skid.
Content Control of accelerator, brake and steering, etc.
Content Causes, prevention and handling of skid.

Course III: Skid Program (II)

Focus Getting to know various skid situations in an adversary environment and the prevention and remedy thereof. Practice over-acceleration & over-braking effects, driving on the wet slope, etc.
Content Skills of driving on critical conditions

Enrollment procedures

Enrolling in person simply visit any of our enrollment centers with your ID card and valid Hong Kong driving licence (private car)
Enrollment hotline Please call our Hotline at 2866 6682.
Payment Course fee can be paid by means of CASH, EPS, CHEQUE, VISA/MASTER CARD.
Notes for students
  • We will contact you for lesson schedule upon enrollment. If you do not get the notice or want to make class appointment, you can also ring us at 2866 6682 for arrangement.
  • All classes are conducted at our Shatin Road Safety Centre and the roads nearby, so it is safe and convenient for students.
  • The tuition and other fees are subject to changes without further notice.
  • Each class consisting of a group of 3 students, each student has sufficient practice and opportunity of observing other's practice.